Emily Ann (fake) wrote in furlove,
Emily Ann

Million Dollar Malti-Poo


Super Tiny Teacup Puppy? Give me a damn break.

I'm so tired of "breeders" calling their puppies teacups just so they can stick a higher price tag on them. In this case, they've stuck on a REALLY high price tag. It makes me sick, breeders are supposed to breed in order to better the breed of dog, not to breed the smallest they can which risks the puppy having horrible life threatening health problems. Please be aware, there is no such thing as teacup and this is the only reason "breeders" call them this. If you buy a "teacup", you're basically just getting ripped off.

This poor pup will most likely end up with a celebrity or other idiot who will just use him as a fashion accessory. One of the main reasons I don't like most celebrities.

What do you think?

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